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Make a ThinkNP MasterMind Group your nonprofit consulting superpower! Sales. Networking. Pricing. Back office. Marketing techniques. And so much more! Join now for a special rate.

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Coming soon! When was the last time you took a class to improve your nonprofit consulting business? ThinkNP Online Video classes are for nonprofit consultants on the go! Take a class whenever you want, wherever you are.

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Read The ThinkNP Guide to Nonprofit Consulting

If success in nonprofit consulting is your goal, this is your book! The ThinkNP Guide to Nonprofit Consulting is about finding the right clients for increased revenues to meet your business and personal goals!

A Book Backed by the Best

Put in your great work. Add the right nonprofit client. Put them through your well run consultancy. What do you get? Paid bills, a nice vacation, a renovated kitchen and so much more.

How do make that happen? Start with the book: The ThinkNP Guide to Nonprofit Consulting.

The ThinkNP Guide to Nonprofit Consulting is the bedrock of your consulting success. From why you should, or shouldn’t become a consultant, to how you find and keep the right clients for you, it covers exactly what you need to start, and more importantly, stay in business. It’s also a perfect pairing with the articles, podcasts, videos and course you’ll find on ThinkNP.

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Time to Solve the Problem


How did you learn consulting? Chances are you didn’t. You just started, and it happened. Suddenly you were shaking someone’s hand (as you were shaking in your shoes) mumbling “hi, I’m a consultant.”

Everything else that came along just fell, or not, into place. Maybe you got lucky and found a good accountant. Could be your brother-in-law built you a website. Sales? “I don’t sell” you tell your friend, “I get referrals.” Are you getting enough? Are they the right ones? Are they paying you what you deserve?

You need to get it together.

That’s why we developed the ThinkNP Nonprofit Consulting Quick-Start Course.

The ThinkNP Quick Start Course pulls together all the essential elements in consulting to nonprofits… from how you structure your business, to how you find, and keep clients. If you haven’t started yet, this is the perfect way to launch. If you’ve been consulting for years, this is what you need to find out why you’re not doing better.
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Are you doing things right in your business, or just the way you always did?

Wouldn’t it be cool to look behind the curtain at a successful consultancy, to see how they’re doing it? Now you can, with ThinkNP Backstage Pass.

Get your free trial today and sample the Backstage Pass series, and more!

Stay Connected with Professional Podcasts on The Go

Podcasts are a top ThinkNP media format, and for good reason. As a consultant, you have to make your entire day count! Whether you’re between appointments, or working out at the gym, ThinkNP’s Nonprofit Consultant Radio has you covered with podcasts from 3 to 20 minutes. Here’s two out of the library. Subscribe today and hear them all. Plus, as a member, you get Episode Notes from every edition of Nonprofit Consultant Radio. Here’s two out of the library.

Listen to “RFPs: Are they Worth it?” on Spreaker.Listen to “How much business is enough?” on Spreaker.

5 Tips That Will Help You Succeed

5 Tips in 10 Minutes (or less) is the express circuit to the information you need for a successful nonprofit consultancy. How did she get clients? How does he handle money? What’s the best way to….? You’ll find out, in 10 minutes (or less).

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Read More and You Will Fail Less

Your subscription to ThinkNP brings you regular articles on how to prosper as a nonprofit consultant. Thinking about how you can get more clients? Trying to figure out how to charge so you get what you deserve? Interested in expanding your income with a new offering? Wondering about how committed you need to be to your next client's mission?

Professional Reviews on the Latest Books & Software

You don’t have time to read just any book, or just try out any software

If you’re going to serve more clients, the right clients, and get compensated fairly for it, you need to read the right books and know that a software tool meets your needs. That’s where ThinkNP book reviews come in. They help you pick the right tool for what you need.

Try them out with your free trial. Sign up now.

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Charlie Hunsaker

Charlie Hunsaker
Someone once observed that the process of planning is as important as the result. At ThinkNP, there are fellow consultant to bounce ideas off of.

Valerie M. Jones

Valerie M. Jones
"ThinkNP’s an intellectual clubhouse for nonprofit consultants… great idea!"

Joe Tumolo

Joe Tumolo
"Matt's website addresses all the things that no one teaches us in fundraising courses and seminars. How to run a successful and sustaining fundraising consulting business."

JoAnn Alberts

Joy M Pettid
"Finding all these resources in one place is incredibly helpful."

Margaret King

Margaret King
“ThinkNP is an idea whose time has come. I wish I had it starting out.”

Sam Friedman

Sam Friedman
“I’m so glad Matt started this. Nonprofit consultants need a place like ThinkNP.”

John Burns

John Burns Design Group
“With ThinkNP, you’ll see the difference between working for a nonprofit, and consulting for one!”