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What are your goals as a nonprofit consultant?

  • Make a great living while doing important work for extraordinary clients?
  • Pick up extra money so you take a super-vacation, build your dream house, or buy an incredible toy!
  • Help meaningful organizations with your remarkable skills?
  • Maybe all of the above?

You already have great professional skills, like fundraising, board management, program delivery, or whatever you do!

But the hard news is that being good at your skill isn’t good enough. To be a successful nonprofit consultant, you need more.

Start with the book: The ThinkNP Guide to Nonprofit Consulting.

The ThinkNP Guide to Nonprofit Consulting is the bedrock of your nonprofit consultant success. From why you should, or shouldn’t become a nonprofit consultant, to how you find and keep the right clients for you, it covers exactly what you need to start, and more importantly, stay in business. It’s also a perfect pairing with the articles, podcasts, videos and courses you’ll find on ThinkNP.  Get yours on Kindle:     Or as an autographed, paperback copy: 

Dear Fellow Consultants,

Welcome to the premier website resource for nonprofit consultants. 

Nonprofits need great consultants, like you! I'm here to help transform you into a successful nonprofit consultant, so you can help your clients thrive.  

But why listen to me?  

1) You get someone whose walked your walk: consulting with nonprofits. With just about anyone else you talk to about your work, you need to explain what a nonprofit is, and how working with them is different! I get it. (Oh, and see my article on "B2N.")  

2) The only thing that bothers me more than nonprofit consultant failure, is a nonprofit consultant not having resources to succeed. With all the consultants I met before, and since I started my firm in 2005, why was it so hard to find information on getting started, and even more important, staying in business?  

3) You get a highly experienced teacher of adults, especially in marketing. I was, and still am, blessed with opportunities to teach in four graduate programs, one of which took me to locations in Africa, Asia, and Europe. Those thousands of student interactions across so many cultures means you get a vast span of experience that's just a phone call or email away. Oh, and no professor caricature here. With me, you get practical, student-focused information that applies to real-life, with substantial theoretical backing, so you know you're on the right path.  

4) Speaking of real life, have you read "The ThinkNP Guide to Nonprofit Consulting: a Practical Workbook for your Success"? I needed to write it because I was seeing so many of my friends and colleagues (and graduate students who were consultants) struggle with getting clients. Thier response has been great. And you and I know that without clients, you have no business.  

I could go on about all sorts of things, like how many times I get calls to speak, other books and articles I've written, and associations I belong to... all of the standard resume "stuff" meant to impress. None of that matters. 

What matters? Results for your business

That's what counts, and that's what I'm here to do, for you.  

 — Matt Hugg

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"ThinkNP’s an intellectual clubhouse for nonprofit consultants… great idea!"

- Val Jones, Valerie M. Jones Associates

“I’m so glad Matt started this. Nonprofit consultants need a place like ThinkNP.”

- Sam Friedman, S. Friedman Associates

"Someone once observed that the process of planning is as important as the result. At ThinkNP, there are fellow consultants to bounce ideas off of."

- Charlie Hunsaker, RI Arlington

"Matt's website addresses all the things that no one teaches us in fundraising courses and seminars. How to run a successful and sustaining fundraising consulting business."

- Joe Tumolo, Donor Centric Fundraising, LLC 

“ThinkNP is an idea whose time has come. I wish I had it starting out.”

- Marge King, InfoRichGroup


“With ThinkNP, you’ll see the difference between working for a nonprofit, and consulting for one!”

- John Burns, John Burns Design Group