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Showing expertise is a great marketing tool. highly encourages any of our writers or instructors to put links on their own pages to their articles, blogs, videos or podcasts as a way of validating your expertise to your potential clients and fellow consultants. We want you to be proud to list "Contributor to" on your resume, sell sheet, Facebook or LinkedIn pages or website.
If you have valuable information for the community of consultants, freelancers and vendors to nonprofits, let's talk. The best instructors have already taught or run seminars at colleges/universities, community education programs, professional conferences and/or local association meetings. If you have a video sample, all the better. Remember, all classes are educational instruction about how to be a consultant, freelancer or vendor to nonprofits. They are not advertising for your business or a particular product. However, if you are a selected instructor, you will be profiled in the "Meet Your Instructors" section, where you will be able to talk more about your business in a promotional manner. Complete the form here for consideration.
Yes! welcomes guest blog posts and articles on consulting, freelancing and being a vendor to nonprofits. The material must be related to work with nonprofits, ideally marketing, back-office or cultural issues. While your specialty can be mentioned (like fundraising, accounting, management, etc.) it should not be the subject of the piece. In other words, no articles like "Five ways to increase your donor retention." Articles like "Five ways to work with clients to increase donor retention" will be considered. Complete the form here for consideration.
No. Not at this time. However, if you are published, you get a year free membership and will be considered for instructor status.
Please submit your name, number of years consulting with nonprofits, nonprofit consulting/freelancer/vendor specialty, and why you think you would make a good guest. All interviews are done during business hours in the Eastern US time zone. Video is preferred, usually in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA region. Audio podcast format will be considered. Interviewees get a copy of their interview to post on their website, along with a code to give to others for discount membership to, and their own, free account for a year. Complete the form here for consideration.
Please, tell us. We can't think of everything. Besides, if you have the question, others probably do, too. ThinkNP is for you to help build your business. That means we need to talk about what's of interest to you. Complete the form here to let us know what's on your min
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