Nonprofit Consultant MasterMind Group

Your Nonprofit Consulting SuperPower!

When your friends ask...

  • "Wow! Where did you get that super idea?" 
  • "How did you find out about that new trend?"
  • "Where did you pick up that great way of doing it?"

You'll smile and say...

"Easy. My ThinkNP MasterMind Group."

Every Nonprofit Consultant needs their own MasterMind Group  

It's where you gather with fellow nonprofit consultants each month to talk about improving your own and your fellow member's consultancies. It's online, with colleagues from around the corner, or across the globe.  

What do you talk about? Lots!  

Each month is a new topic to grow your business. Sales. Networking. Pricing. Back office. Marketing techniques. And so much more!  

Your MasterMind Group is where you get and share new ideas to grow your business and work with clients - from the ThinkNP expert faciltator, and your fellow members. 

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Sign up today and get a special, introductory price of $147 per month! 

This is a no-risk, 100% guarantee offer. If after your first two meetings you don't find it helpful, you get a full refund.

PLUS get to keep your copy of THE THINKNP GUIDE TO NONPROFIT CONSULTING for free! 

What's included when you Join a ThinkNP MasterMind Group? LOTS!


A Monthly 90-Minute Group Online Audio/Video meeting on a topic of major importance to your nonprofit consulting practice.


A free One Hour one-to-one introductory call to troubleshoot any consulting issue you're facing. 


Your MasterMind Group will have between 3 and 10 members, so your colleagues can get to know you and your consultancy.


Your ThinkNP MasterMind facilitator is an experienced nonprofit consultant, saving a lot of time and explanation. 


Your MasterMind Group will have an exclusive Facebook group to share successes, concerns and ideas between calls.


Think of your MasterMind as your ongoing education in what's most important to you: your nonprofit consulting business!


What's said in the group stays in the group! That way you can feel comfortable sharing issues and ideas.


Each MasterMind has a set of rules, and follows an agenda and that maximizes your learning.


Many MasterMind groups spawn professional and personal friendships that are mutually beneficial for years to come.


Your MasterMind expert faciltator serves as the agenda creator, time keeper, technologist and if necessary, referee! 


Before each meeting you get free resources so you can get the most out of the call.


No fighting traffic. It all happens via phone and video conference from your office, living room, or even your (parked, we hope!) car. 

Every MasterMind member gets the ThinkNP Guide to Nonprofit Consulting, a $25 value free just for signing up!

“The online group meetings are one of the best parts of my education with Matt. We cover practical topics. It's better than a classroom.”

Allyssa D. - Texas

Want More? Sign Up for a ThinkNP MasterMind Group Today and Get The ThinkNP Guide to Nonprofit Consulting: A Practical Workbook for Your Success (a $25 value) mailed directly to you for free.

Matt Hugg, Founder, ThinkNP

I love hosting MasterMind Groups. It's a great way to get folks to think outside their "box" and grow their consultancy. ______________________________________________

My name is Matt Hugg, the Founder of ThinkNonProfit Consulting. Nonprofits need great consultants, like you! I'm here to help transform you into a successful nonprofit consultant, so you can help your clients thrive.  

But why listen to me?  

1) You get someone whose walked your walk: consulting with nonprofits. With just about anyone else you talk to about your work, you need to explain what a nonprofit is, and how working with them is different! I get it. (Oh, and see my article on "B2N.")  

2) The only thing that bothers me more than nonprofit consultant failure, is a nonprofit consultant not having resources to succeed. With all the consultant I met before, and since I started my firm in 2005, why was it so hard to find information on getting started, and even more important, staying in business?  

3) You get a highly experienced teacher of adults, especially in marketing. I was, and still am, blessed with opportunities to teach in four graduate programs, one of which took me to locations in Africa, Asia, and Europe. Those thousands of student interactions across so many cultures means you get a vast span of experience that's just a phone call or email away. Oh, and no professor caricature here. With me, you get practical, student-focused information that applies to real-life, with substantial theoretical backing, so you know you're on the right path.  

4) Speaking of real life, have you read "The ThinkNP Guide to Nonprofit Consulting: a Practical Workbook for your Success"? I needed to write it because I was seeing so many of my friends and colleagues (and graduate students who were consultants) struggle with getting clients. Thier response has been great. And you and I know that without clients, you have no business.  

I could go on about all sorts of things, like how many times I get calls to speak, other books and articles I've written, and associations I belong to... all of the standard resume "stuff" meant to impress.  

None of that matters. What matters? Results for your business. And that's why I'm here. To get you results and help you succeed.  

That's what counts, and that's what I'm here to do, for you.  

— Matt Hugg