Charge the Right Price Each and Every Time

What's the Right Price?

It's risky. 

Answer wrong? Clients miss their goals, and you can't pay your bills.

Answer right? Client's mission thrives, and you prosper! 

Don't leave your price to your competition's or client's control, or worse yet, to guessing! 

In four, 90-Minute, private and confidential online video sessions we'll cover:


What is it? What kinds are there? When to do it (and not). How to use it. 


How do you set your price? Negotiating your price with a client. How to work with long-term client price resistence.


How to leverage your pricing as part your strategy to get more clients of the kind you want.


What you charge now and how you got to that number. How your pricing meets your business and personal goals.


How should you reflect your pricing in your contracts, and account for "scope creep."


How to decide which pricing method(s) to use. Pricing strategy that's consistent with your work quality and time.

About Your Guide and Instructor

My name is Matt Hugg, the Founder of ThinkNonProfit Consulting. Nonprofits need great consultants, like you! I'm here to help transform you into a successful nonprofit consultant, so you can help your clients thrive. 

— Matt Hugg

“Our work was incredibly helpful. Matt's able to make the complex, understandable.”

Peter M. - New Jersey, USA

Set the right price for every client!

There's so much more to setting a price than naming a number. For you, and your clients, you need to become a PriceHero! 

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