Presenting is a must-have nonprofit consultant skill!

  • Presenting a Proposal to 3 Client Board Members?
  • Offering a Seminar to 30 Executive Directors?  
  • Speaking at a Conference of 300 Colleagues?  

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Presenting to nonprofits is more than standing and talking. 

It's audience. It's style. It's knowing your goals, and succeeding!

In four, 90-Minute, private and confidential online video sessions we will:


Build your presentation (including how to create a custom PowerPoint template). 


Customize a topic that leads to clients and meets the need of your group (and isn't an infomercial).


Analyze proven tactics that lead to client contact after the presentation. 


Looking for one client by presenting in front of a board? Lots of clients by speaking at a conference? Pinpoint your ideal nonprofit audience.


Learn how to find opportunities to speak to nonprofit oriented audiences.


Discover tips that build your preparedness, your confidence, your audience's enjoyment of your presentation.

About Your Guide and Instructor

My name is Matt Hugg, the Founder of ThinkNonProfit Consulting. Nonprofits need great consultants, like you! I'm here to help transform you into a successful nonprofit consultant, so you can help your clients thrive. 

— Matt Hugg

“Our work was incredibly helpful. Matt's able to make the complex, understandable.”

Peter M. - New Jersey, USA

Plain and Simple: Presenting Leads to Clients

  • Whether it's in front of a client's board of three, 
  • or a nonprofit conference of 300, 
  • If you're targeted, practiced and prepared,
  • If you know your audience, your style andyour goals,
  • Presenting will get you clients.
  • Besides, you have so much value to share! 

100% Money Back Guarantee

No questions asked, no hassles, no problems!

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