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 Who is ThinkNP? is led by Matt Hugg, who began consulting to nonprofits after a two-decade career fundraising in higher education and youth organizations. In 2005 he began his consulting practice, and like most people, he stumbled a lot and studied anything he could get his hands on until he figured out what worked and what didn’t – in his offerings to clients and how he ran his business.

And now, with ThinkNP, there’s no reason you have to do the same.

ThinkNP is dedicated your success in nonprofit consulting. That means providing you the information you need to get more clients, find the right clients, and earn a better income, all while you’re making an impact on the world.

ThinkNP is about making the hardest parts of your work, the parts you might not really love, but must do right to survive (and thrive!) understandable, smoother, and dare we say, easier? After all, most people are in consulting to nonprofits doing what they love to or are great at doing (and even better: both!) For you, maybe that’s fundraising, accounting, design, technology or any other services nonprofits needs.

When you talk to a ThinkNP Coach, read a ThinkNP article, go through a ThinkNP class, hear a ThinkNP podcast, view a ThinkNP video, or read a ThinkNP book, you’ll find just what you need for your next step to a successful consulting practice, from an experienced consultant, and teacher.

Teacher? Concurrent with consulting, Matt put his degree in Philanthropy and Development to work. Since 2006, he’s taught hundreds of adult learners in graduate classes in fundraising, philanthropy, nonprofit marketing and more at Eastern University, Juniata College, Thomas Edison State University of New Jersey and the University of Pennsylvania. A few have been in a traditional format, but most are either fully, or substantially online. Plus, these assignments have taken him beyond the borders of the United States, to Italy, Cambodia, Senegal, and Uganda. As a client of ThinkNP, you get to take full advantage of this experience.

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So, who is ThinkNP? The right place for all your nonprofit consulting questions.

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